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A new Spoon song. An audio track but with some sort of video in which the artwork of the album is being ‘abused’.

Listening to this album right now and still loving it.

How long did it take them to record this video? I would die from laughing during filming something like this.

via Stereogum

This time i like the song and the video, which is often not the case.

Zoot Woman - "Don't Tear Yourself Apart" (Stereogum Premiere)

WTF, a new Zoot Woman song now and a new album in august!!!!!!!!!!!


Ben Thatcher, drummer of Royal Blood, wearing a t-shirt during their performance at Glastonbury in 2014, with a printed photo of Matt Helders wearing Royal Blood’s t-shirt at Arctic Monkeys’ headlining set in 2013.

So Matt Helders when will your t-shirt be finished? And of course when are you going to wear it? ;)


Javier Riera

Javier Riera‘s photographic light projections make a round treetop look like a mazed cube. Riera is currently exploring the harmonious relationship between geometry and landscape, using geometry to change our perception of the scenery and objects we thought we knew so well.