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"Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)" - Tom Vek 

Tom Vek returns with a new single from his third-full length Effort out 6/9.

They call it a videoclip, but it’s more audio with a slightly moving image.


MiceCars - Sloth

It helps that this song is hypnotic. It ranks among one of the most innovative music videos I’ve seen in the past few weeks. The video was shot in Rome by director Milo Dionisi: ”the idea behind it was realized by using two GoPro cameras and the Chroma Key post-production technique.”

The song is off their new album A S I M O / I LP released on The Black Lodge Records.


Sycamore, a Wellington-based company specialising in unmanned aerial imagery, has a pretty sweet showreel of recent work. The production team includes an ex-music video director and an ex-fighter pilot for good measure.

Want wie niet drinkt, moet dat verantwoorden. Als je cocaïne, wiet of een sigaret afwijst: geen probleem. Maar wie geen biertje wil, is de ander een verklaring schuldig. Niet drinken vinden we ongezellig. Period.

If you don’t drink alcohol, you have to justify it. If you reject cocaine, weed or a cigeret: no problem. But if you don’t want a beer, you owe an explanation. Not drinking, no fun.

Ernst-Jan Pfauth in een column. Welcome to my life. (via elger)